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Film Synopsis

1971. Pakistan Army soldiers led by a local collaborator raid the home of a freedom fighter. The young man they seek flees through the narrow alleyways of Old Dhaka. He stumbles upon a barbershop, and decides to get a shave to disguise himself. Meanwhile, his mother takes his wounded father, injured during the Army raid, to a nearby pharmacy. The Hindu doctor hesitantly takes them in; he is also a target. At the barbershop, the young man soon realizes he has put himself in more danger: the barbers are Urdu-speaking Biharis, known to be supporting the Army. The flash of the sharpened razor, the barbers’ thinly disguised threatening banter, the knowing looks of the manager, all put the young man in an increasingly agitated state…



15 mins / Format: HDV


Urdu with English & Bangla subtitles