Among many unfinished works Tareque left behind were a number of previous films that had yet to be released on DVD.  To that end, we have made the release of these DVDs one of our priorities in order that the general public can have easier access to Tareque’s works.  Some of the upcoming DVDs are as follows:

Adam Surot (The Inner Strength)

Tareque Masud’s first film, a documentary on the Bangladeshi painter S.M. Sultan.  Filmed by his longtime cameraman Mishuk Munier.  Digitally remastered from the original negatives.  Also to be included in the DVD: interview with Tareque on his 7-year long odyssey of making the film, rare audio interviews of S.M. Sultan, other archival collections.

Muktir Kotha (Words of Freedom)

Tareque Masud and Catherine Masud’s documentary on the memories and frustrated dreams of the survivors of the ‘71 war.  A companion piece also will be included: Narir Kotha, a shorter documentary focusing on the experience of women survivors.

Muktir Gaan (Song of Freedom)

- English subtitled version
Long overdue, the English subtitled version of the Masud’s classic documentary on the Liberation War as told through the eyes of a troupe of traveling singers.


(The Barbershop)
This short “political thriller” tells the story of a fleeing Freedom Fighter who takes refuge in a Bihari-run barbershop during the Pakistan Army crackdown.


The most recent work of the Masuds, this film tells the story of a family who live in a hovel next to the runway of the international airport, mainly following the youth Ruhul and his dangerous slide into religious extremism.  A “Making Of” documentary will also be included.


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