Many productions were underway at the time of Tareque Masud’s death, and it is our responsibility and mission to complete these works.  The most well-known of course is Kagojer Phul (The Paper Flower), set in Partition-era Bengal and the prequel to Matir Moina (The Clay Bird).  The script for this film is complete, but tragically Tareque and his team were killed one month prior to the beginning of filming.  In addition to this major work, there are several smaller films for which shooting has been completed but editing remains.  Some of these are:

Projonmo Ekush

Three generations of women relive/relearn the story of the 1952 language movement.


Filmed over a number of years, this film documents the gradual eviction of low-caste Hindus from a village in Faridpur.

Tareque Masud: Life & Dreams

A documentary film slated for production in the coming year.  The narrator: Tareque himself, speaking of his life and dreams.

Onno Chokhe Bangladesh

An aerial odyssey through the festivities and natural wonders of Bangladesh, set to music.

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