In the wake of Tareque’s passing there has been a tremendous wave of interest in his work, his words and his vision.  To that end, we have initiated work on a series of publications.  The first volume, Tareque’s writings on cinema and related topics, is slated to be published in February 2012 by Prothoma in collaboration with the Tareque Masud Memorial Trust.  This publication will be followed by three other volumes: scripts and songs, collected interviews, and writings on Tareque and his films.

Just released in Dhaka this past February 21st:

“Cholochitro Jatra” (Journey through Film)
The collected writings of Tareque Masud, compiled from his writings on cinema and other related topics over the past 25 years. Currently only available in Bangla, but we plan an English version edition in future.

Tareque Masud - Cholochitro Jatra


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